How to Remove Animals From Your Home: The Humane Way

No one likes to have rats or raccoons making a home in their home yet many people want to avoid killing them in order to get rid of them. Following are some tips on how you can remove animals from your home in the safest way possible for both you and the animals and prevent them from returning:

  • If it is one animal, such as a raccoon, that is visiting your property, you can set up a cage that can work as a trap with bait inside which will make it easy for transportation yet does not hurt the animal.
  • If you have a chimney or pipes that lead in and out of the house, consider putting mesh or some type of fence over the openings to block the entryway for future potential inhabitants.
  • Use moth balls inside of a chimney, which will cause the air to become dry and unpleasant, encouraging raccoons or bats to evacuate.
  • If you have already removed all of the rats or mice from your home and want to prevent them from coming back, you can use peppermint oil or steel wool for deterrents.
  • If you want to remove moles or rodents from your yard, clearing it of grub and focusing on ridding yourself of them will help you to encourage these animals to go live elsewhere. They won’t last long on your property without their food source. Or another option is to use castor oil as a repellent.
  • Take care when removing adult animals that you don’t forget the young. Many infant animals will die if left on their own without their mother to care and provide for them.
  • In some occasions, the animals are not making your home their permanent home. You may be able to let them leave on their own if you discover that they are simply birthing. Of course, this is only viable with certain animals and if they are in a non-public area and are not leaving droppings in your home or eating your food.
  • You can use ammonia or vinegar which won’t harm the animals but will provide enough discomfort for them to want to leave the place they’ve made home.

These techniques are all things that you can do on your own, but you may want to call a professional if you there are too many animals or if, especially in the case of raccoons, the animals become aggressive upon your attempt to remove them. If you have problems with raccoons find an Atlanta raccoon removal company to get rid of these animals in the most humane way.

Remember that the best way to be humane about animals visiting your home is to prevent them from even being able to enter. Steel wool will keep mice out, mesh fences on chimneys or pipes will keep out raccoons and other large intruders, and one way funnel doors will not allow mice to come in. Non-lethal sprays are also available to keep squirrels, rats, and other types of animals and rodents far away from your home and are not expensive. Prevention will save you time and money and is key to humane animal preservation.