Humane Rat Removal

Let’s face it, one of the most testing animal intruders are rats. They are big, often dirty, and for most people, are frightening to see. While some people like to keep them as pets, most people would rather they never set foot in their homes. Just because they are a nuisance doesn`t mean they should be exterminated. Rats are difficult to get rid of on your own and you may need a professional to help.

What many people do when they see a rat is grab a broom or a bat, which we all know how that ends. In the end, the problem isn’t even solved as where there is one rat, there are many. In order to ensure that you are completely ridding your home of rats, in a humane way, you have to take these following steps:

  • Use a spray that resembles the scent of a cat. This will not only help the rats to want to leave, it can also help to prevent them ever deciding to live in your home in the first place.
  • Use electronic repellents that emit a frequency that cannot be heard by you, but that the rats will definitely not want to listen to, which will hopefully help them to evict.
  • Use a large amount of moth balls in different areas of the home.
  • Keep your food and pantry items in rat-proof containers and your home clean. If they can’t find food, they will soon go elsewhere.
  • One-way funnel doors can help to get rid of rats if you put them in the entry ways that they are using to get in. Rats will typically go in and out of a place and with these funnel doors they can go out, but they will have a highly difficult time coming back in.
  • Live rat traps are another humane technique for removing rats from your home, but be sure to purchase enough as rats usually arrive to your home in groups and also don’t forget them as the animal will soon die without food or water. They work using bait as your typical rat trap, but do not kill them.

In conclusion, you can safely remove rats without harming them, contrary to many people’s opinions. These highly intelligent animals deserve to be protected and kept alive and it can be done. While it is highly important to get them out of your home for your health due to the risk of disease from droppings, etc., whether you do it yourself or call in professionals, humane rodent removal is possible. If you want to get rid of rats entirely and permanently, call professional Atlanta rat removal specialists right now.