Why Should I Care About the Raccoon That Visits Me Night after Night?

You have a friendly visitor who comes to see you often, not only every other day, but nearly every night. He is faithful, on time, and loyal to whatever you may have in your garbage cans. This friendly animal is known as the raccoon. Ok, so perhaps this isn’t exactly what you would call a friend. He’s noisy, makes a mess all the time, and can get angry if you try to ask him, politely, to leave.

In fact, you may be tempted to just go ahead and throw stuff at him, especially during those times when he is keeping you up at night. Yet, don’t be so quick to get angry and start a fight with the raccoon or knock him off because he is being nuisance.

Here are some interesting details that you may not have known about raccoons:

  • Raccoons have a big appetite and do not have a picky palate. Their food can consists of anything from dead animals, insects, fruit, and pet food to fish, clams, snails, frogs, gophers, and mice. Pretty impressive, if you ask me and a big reason why they enjoy digging around in your garbage – they will eat anything.
  • Raccoons are somewhat like rodents in that they like dens or burrows for a place to keep their young. It is one reason why they are such big fans of your chimney or attic.
  • Don’t worry if they make a home out of your home, it isn’t permanent. Raccoons are drifters and will likely move on in a few days to another place, especially one that is more inviting.
  • Raccoons like to hide in your home to stay away from their predators that may be coyotes, cougars, and event domestic dogs.
  • Don’t get too friendly with your new friend as raccoon droppings are often dangerous to humans. Also, as much as they like to get close to where you live, they are not very friendly when you try to get close to them and can be aggressive.

While you do want to find a way to encourage the raccoon to leave, there is no reason to use fatal means to do so. There are plenty of humane methods of removal that can be used for encouraging him to go on his merry way or even just with a little patience, he may leave sooner than you had imagined. If you want to keep him out of your garbage, make sure to keep the lids of the bins shut tight before nightfall. Raccoons are highly curious animals and they are considered some of the cutest garbage visitors of all time. They deserve to be treated well and kept safe even when you are trying to remove them from your home.