Why Should You Care About Wildlife, Including Rodents

While most people care about animals that are going extinct, or the treatment of animals that we eat from slaughter farms , or the domestic animals that we call our pets, most people do not think twice about exterminating animals such as rats, possums, raccoons, or snakes.

It is understandable in a way as these animals can cause quite the nuisance for someone in their home. A venomous snake can pose a threat to a family with children that play in the back yard, a raccoon can make a mess of things and be a noisy disruptive visitor, possums can make a mess of your home trying to get into your food, and rats often carry some type of germ or disease that is best to stay away from.

Yet all of these animals can be safely removed from your home without being killed. You may ask, "why not kill them, what good do they do for us?" The truth is that all wildlife is a part of a circle of life, as "Lion King" as they may sound. For example, birds prey on snakes as snakes often prey on rats, and when you disrupt and kill these animals, you are disrupting a natural process.

Something that we have learned over the years is that disrupting nature and the food chain can have negative consequences. With bee numbers dwindling, the world is starting to sit up and take notice on how even these small creatures deserve to be treated with respect if we want the world to continue to be a safe place for us to live. If these animals can be removed from homes with nearly the same amount of effort as it takes to kill them, why not spare their lives and continue to allow the food chain to exist?

For example, you can set up rat traps all around your home that will kill the rats. The same time it takes to set them up is the same time it will take to set up rat cage traps, which will spare their lives. The time that it takes you to spray rat poison around your home is the same amount of time that it will take to spray peppermint oil around your home, which will make them want to leave without killing them. Rodent’s lives can and should be spared. It takes barely any, if any, extra effort to keep them alive as it does to kill them.

Keeping animals alive is good for the environment, good for the food chain, and good for your soul. Be humane and let them live. Wildlife and pest Atlanta animal removal company offers reliable methods of wildlife control for your home.